Our Catalog

You may find thousand stone catalogs if you search for "stone catalog" online. Among those catalogues, you may see huge differences in terms of price. When you review the catalog of a stone company, be careful and you may want to make sure to compare prices for the same stone configuration. Each stone company tends to have its own standard configurations or standard specs even for a product with the same style and design.

In stone catalogues, the listed prices from different companies might be for different materials. For example, some stone vendors define all white marble with grey veins as "Carrera" marble in general. Some of them even market a type of white marble quarried near Beijing, which we named it "Beijing Off White" in this site, as "White Carrera", a name supposedly for a particular white marble quarries in Italy. There is a huge difference in the costs of Italian White Carrera and Chinese Beijing Off White marble. Therefore, when you comparably review several stone catalogs published by different stone vendors, you should ask for stone images from each vendor so to make sure you are getting prices for the same products with the same dimensions and in the same materials. This is the only way not to be misled by online stone catalogs.

Vaughan Marble catalogues are guaranteed to reflect accurate materials and accurate dimensions. If you order from our stone catalogue, you will certainly get what you see. On the other hand, stone catalogues are for references only. Very few customers actually buy the items exactly the same what are listed on the stone catalog. Why? Simply because vast majority of building projects have custom specifications so require custom productions. Nevertheless, the listed prices on the stone catalog give you pretty s good idea on how much stone products would costs. It is always the good practice to contact us for accurate prices on certain items.

To obtain Vaughan Marble retail stone catalogs in different categories, please click on the associated images below. Due to fluctuations of market condition, all prices are subject to change without notice. Please call for up to date pricing information. Vaughan Marble offers significant discounts for volume buyers such as retailers, wholesalers and project purchasers seek multiple stone products in container loads. Contact account managers for details.