Step-by-Step Process


You can come in to our offices, send us an email or request an estimate with the following information to get a quote:

  • A picture of the existing space to be renovated.
  • A rough drawing with measurements and dimensions of the required surface space.
  • Your name and phone number
  • Your full address and email address
  • If you require a supply only or supply and install
  • If you have an idea of the type of material you would like to use.
  • Do you have an edge design in mind?
  • Would you like a special finish on the material (ie. leathered, honed)
  • Do you require a backsplash?
  • If it's a kitchen or vanity: Do you have an under mount or top mount sink?
  • If it's a tub deck: is it undermount or topmount?


  • Choose your material and tag the required slabs at either Vaughan Marble or at one of the suppliers.
  • Choose your final edge designs
  • Approve the Secondary Quote
  • Decide on seams (if there are any)
  • Sign the Vaughan Marble sales agreement contract.
  • Pay 50% deposit
  • Book a template date


  • Cabinets must be set and fastened to their permanent places. No end gables, doors, or drawers should be missing.
  • Sinks should be at jobsite for template as well as faucets and fixtures
  • 'drop in' stove tops that have pop-up drafts must be at the jobsite
  • Someone must also be at the site for when the templater arrives to sign off on any paper work and to answer questions that you or the templater may have.


  • If you tagged slabs at a supplier, they will be delivered to Vaughan Marble at this time.
  • When the stone carries a lot of movement with veining and colour patterns, we offer an exclusive cut-preview feature where we take photos of your tagged slabs and a designer places the exact pieces of your job onto the slab. This feature allows you to work with us to design exactly where each part of the slab will appear on your finished surface. We also use this to perfect the continuity of the material's veining, patterns and colouring.
  • This will produce an areal photograph of your project before we begin fabrication. To ensure customer satisfaction you can either approve of the cut-preview via email or come in and work with the technician yourself!
  • Our digitized CNC cutting and milling machine allow us to digitally export your project designs to our state-of-the-art machinery.
  • The edge finishes are left to our talented team of stone artisans who work to customize the final details that are beyond the scope of machines.


Once your job is complete a representative from Vaughan Marble will contact you to either come and pick up your final job or schedule an installation date.

For Installs ONLY:

  • Often times you will be given a window of 3 hours for the arrival of our install crew (this may vary according to how busy the day is)
  • We ask that someone be present on site for when the installers arrive.
  • Installation normally takes a few hours, however some larger jobs may take longer. Our installers are artists; they must create a furniture top that is durable, and visually stunning.

For the install we require:

  • Sinks to be on the jobsite
  • Faucets and fixtures on the jobsite
  • Running water
  • Electricity
  • The faucet holes will be drilled on the jobsite.
  • We recommend that you remove everything from the cupboards prior to the installation to avoid inevitable dust that the install process may create.
  • Very important please note: if backsplashes are installed, expect some type of gap (Stone is not flexible) between the drywall and the backsplash, especially if the walls are not perfectly straight. In order to resolve this problem please advise your drywall finisher and/or painter. Our installers can fill the gap with clear silicone at the time of the installation free of charge, but only if requested by the customer
  • When the material is installed and cleaned, our technicians will apply a penetrating sealer to the surface of the material.
  • At this time this installation is complete and the installers will collect the final payment.
  • Before our crew leaves they will ensure that the site is left clean to your satisfaction.


  • Do NOT: touch the stone, install any plumbing, faucets, cook tops, top-mount sinks or tubs for a full 24 hours post installation.
  • If you have any concerns contact us immediately before you make any further installations (ie. Gas, plumbing, cook tops, sinks ect.)
  • At Vaughan Marble we want to be certain you're 100% satisfied. We invite you to contact us with any questions or concerns throughout the lifetime of your natural stone. The best compliment is a referral to family and friends. Enjoy!